Write About Me

Six College Students are awarded with the opportunity to spend a few days with award winning horror author William Moore, their college professor. When they arrive at his quiet, country home to begin their private workshop focused on learning his secrets of success, they soon face setbacks when a strange man shows up around the property. The students didn't realize that they would face challenges that could cost them their very lives. One student, however, seems to be immune to the deadly events taking place on the property. But why? 

“Write About Me”
Copyright 2017, Registered Concept/Script

Original Concept and Screenplay by Bill A. Frost
Genre - Horror / Thriller

     Award-winning author William Moore is a college professor at a local university. He is well admired and respected by his students, peers, and fans due to his incredible ability to write stories that feel all too real for his readers, despite the very graphic nature of them. His technique is simple. You cannot write effectively enough about what you do not know or what you have not experienced on a personal level. Something William Moore knows very well, as he has very personal experiences with all of the characters in his books. His stories are very real to him. What is even more real to William Moore is that he has learned that he has terminal cancer, news that he has kept secret from most people. William knows that he is running out of time.
     Carrie, William Moore’s favorite student, is infatuated with her professor. Her only wish in life is to be a successful, published author, just as he is. She knows that William fancies her and she takes advantage of that. After all she fancies William in the same way, willing to get as close to him as he would allow. Carrie will do whatever she can to escape her toxic home life and become an award-winning writer herself.

     Six of William’s college students, Carrie being one of them naturally, are awarded with the opportunity to spend several days with William at his secluded home, quietly tucked away in the countryside. When the students arrive to begin their private workshop with William, focused on learning the secrets of his writing success, they soon face setbacks when a strange, back-woods man shows up around the property. Who is he and what does he want? Only William Moore knows.
Meanwhile, an investigation is taking place in the county where they all live. A young boy, Anthony, has been missing for months and the investigators have no clues and no suspect. The parents of the boy become impatient with the local law enforcement’s failure to solve the case, so they decide to hire a private investigator, Edward Sterlin, to look into it. Although the private investigator is facing his own personal demons, he is well respected and looked at as one of the best in his professions. Sterlin accepts the case and promises to find answers for Anthony’s parents.

     Oddly enough, a local homeless woman, the crazy lady of the town, has seen lots of strange things happening in the area. She has nothing better to do than observe her environment while hiding in the shadows of the woods, her home. When she tries to tell people about what she has seen, they take her as a loon that belongs in the “crazy house”. She does not communicate what she knows very well at all, otherwise the boy would perhaps have been found already.

     Sterlin succeeds with his task to find Anthony, learning that William Moore has Anthony captive on his property. Meanwhile, the college students begin to fall one-by- one as horror and death embrace them. All of them die except Carrie, who seems to be immune to the deadly events taking place on the property. Sterlin moves in to successfully rescue the boy, not realizing that there was much more to the case than anyone ever knew. William Moore, with the help of his back-woods partner, had tortured and killed dozens of people over the years, allowing William to have what he desperately needed to be a successful writer. A real and personal experience with every character in his stories.
     As William’s reign of horror comes to an end, he demands Carrie to continue his legacy. “Write About Me”, he requests. A win-win situation for both Carrie and her famous professor. Carrie defiantly refuses to give William what he wants, especially after all of the deadly events that took place around her, with all of the human loss and suffering; but what Carrie does not realize is that she will be unable to resist the desire to write about the events that took place at William Moore’s country home, while also bringing William’s child into the world nine months later.